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Felix Neureuther mit einem Truetape auf seinem rechten Knie

TRUETAPE Applications

In our tutorial section you’ll learn how to apply our Precut tapes to yourself or your friends easily in just a few minutes.*

Application ankle - Teaser


The ankle is the most commonly affected joint in sports injuries. Our ankle application is very comfortable to wear during sports and provides a feeling of stability.

Application full knee - Teaser

Full knee

This application is very versatile for problems around the knee area. The tape does not restrict your natural movement and still provides a supportive feeling.

Application thumb - Teaser


This application can be used for your thumb sattle joint and for general stabilization of your thumb. To provide less distraction in your everyday life, the range of motion is not restricted.

Application achilles tendon - Teaser

Achilles tendon

The Achilles tendon is constantly set under heavy strains. Use this application for stabilization during sports or for a painfull Achilles tendon.

Top of foot - Teaser

Top of foot

Pain around your foot can be caused by e.g. tendon overextension, tense foot muscles, fatigue fractures or inflammatory processes in joints.

Application wrist - Teaser


Pain around the wrist is a common problem among athletes. This application helps to stabilize your wrist and additionally covers involved forearm muscles.

Application shoulder - Teaser


This application is very versatile and easy to use for a variety of conditions. Shoulder movements are not restricted and you only need 2 precut strips.

Application neck - Teaser


Neck pain can often be a result from tense muscles due to malposition. This application covers the neck as well as the muscles along your spine.

Application inner knee - Teaser

Inner knee

At the inside of your knee you will find the medial meniscus, medial ligament and the tendon insert of parts of your hamstrings. Find our application here.

Application peroneal tendon - Teaser

Peroneal tendon

The Peroneal Tendons are located on the outside of your lower leg. It lifts your foot up and is responsible for the plantar flexion.

Application heel - Teaser


Pain around the heel can be caused by many reasons. Get to know more and have a go with our application against heel pain. You will need 3 precut strips.

Outer knee - Teaser

Outer knee

This application was developed specifically for running and ball sport athletes, experiencing increasing pain around the outer knee due to high stress. Give it a go!

Plantar fasciitis - Teaser

Plantar fasciitis

Usually a plantar fasciitis feels painful at the bottom of your foot, often in the middle of the heel.

Application finger - Teaser


This application can be used for all fingers, except the thumb. It provides stability without restricting your range of movement and senses.

Patella tendon teaser image

Patella tendon

This application was developed to tackle pain around the knee and patella area, typically seen amongst running and “jumping” activities.

Application tennis elbow - Teaser

Tennis elbow

With this application you can stabilize the in- and outside of your elbow and activate the surrounding muscles.

Application back of knee - Teaser

Back of knee

Pain around the back of the knee can be very complex. It can originate from muscle strain, tendon irritation and meniscus injuries.

Application sacroiliac joint - Teaser

Sacroiliac joint

Sports activity as well as long sitting stresses the connection between spine and pelvis. This can lead to pain around the lower back.

Hallux valgus - Teaser

Hallux valgus

This application can be used against pain around the ball of the foot and during high physical stress.

Application calf - Teaser


This application is designed for usage during sports and to support muscle recovery following heavy stress.

Lower back teaser image

Lower back

Complaints and pain around the lower back are not limited to athletes. This application is very easy to apply and covers a wide area around the lumbar spine.

Elbow - Teaser


With only 2 precut strips, this application stabilizes the in- and outside of your elbow. Additionally it involves the surrounding muscles.

Application quad - Teaser


Jumps, long enduring runs and sprints can stress the quad muscles. Often this can lead to overstress.

Rotator cuff teaser image

Rotator cuff

The rotator cuff unites four shoulder muscles, which pull from your shoulder blade towards your upper arm.

Shin splints teaser image

Shin splints

A lot of runners know pain alongside their shins. This application supports your muscles and can be comfortably worn during sports.

Application hip - Teaser


Strains at the outside of your thigh can last long and prevent from doing sports. Through this application you can further support your recovery.

Application middle back - Teaser

Middle back

The muscles of the middle back are prone to tension due to malposition and false position of the vertebrae. This application is placed next to the spine.

Application hip flexor - Teaser

Hip flexor

This applications helps to relax your hip muscles and provides stability and support during activity.

Application outer wrist - Teaser

Outer wrist

A complex structure of tendons, cartilage and muscles support the outside of the wrist. Strain and injuries of the TFCC can cause pain.

Carpal tunnel teaser image

Carpal tunnel

The medianus nerve and tendons of your forearm flexors run through a thin canal at the inside of your wrist. As soon as the canal gets too thin, this can lead to pain and muscle atrophy.

Application tibial stress syndrome - Teaser

Tibial stress syndrome

Pain around the inside of the tibia and ankle are common amongst ballsport and running athletes. Tape yourself to reduce stress.

Application hamstrings - Teaser


The hamstrings are located at the backside of your leg. They are exposed to injury during activities demanding high acceleration and change of directions.

Adductors teaser image


Adductor injuries are common amongst soccer players, as well as other ball sports which are predestinated.

Knee ligaments teaser image

Knee Collateral Ligaments

This application provides stabilization and supports the collateral ligaments of the knee to provide from strain and bending over.

Application biceps - Teaser


This muscle application follows the biceps all the way till its origin at the shoulder. This application works well pre as well as post high intensity demands for your upperarm muscles.

Application AC joint - Teaser

AC joint

Falling onto your extended arm or shoulder can lead to pain at the AC joint. You find the joint between the clavicula and acromion.

Application chest - Teaser


Whether it’s push ups, benchpressing or throwing sports: All of them can lead to overstress of the chest muscles and small strains.

Application gluteus - Teaser


This application can be used for muscle injuries and tension around your backside, which can result in pain at your lower back and legs.

Application triceps - Teaser


Overstress of the triceps can lead to pain at the backside of the elbow. This application covers the muscle as well as parts of the triceps tendon.

Application osgood schlatter - Teaser

Osgood Schlatter

Especially young male adults often experience pain at the frontside of the lower leg. Next to icing, rest and physiotherapy, taping can be a treatment too.

Abdominal muscles - Teaser

Abdominal muscles

Even a light strain or muscle sore of your abdominals can be very painful. This application covers the oblique as well as the straight abdominal muscles.

Application golfer's elbow - Teaser

Golfer's elbow

Compared to the tennis ellbow, the golfer’s elbow leads to pain located at the inside of the elbow. This application can additionally be used against issues with your forearm flexor muscles.

Application ribs - Teaser


Broken and bruised ribs can often lead to severe pain. This application offers support following rib injuries.

Application foot flexor - Teaser

Foot flexor

The tibialis anterior is located at the frontside of your lower leg. It lifts the foot up and is stressed especially during long runs and jumping activities. Often pain is located around the upper third.

* PLEASE NOTE: The examples of application and explanations on the effect of the tape are not based on medical studies. The effect of the tape is not considered proven. The statements and articles are based on many years of subjective experience and application reports from customers, patients and trained therapists. The information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for visiting a doctor, physiotherapist or other expert.
* PLEASE NOTE: The examples of application and explanations on the effect of the tape are not based on medical studies. The effect of the tape is not considered proven. The statements and articles are based on many years of subjective experience and application reports from customers, patients and trained therapists. The information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for visiting a doctor, physiotherapist or other expert.