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First Aid and Recovery with TRUETAPE®

Protect and stabilise weak areas of the body in everyday life and during sports with our kinesiotapes, sports tapes and adhesive bandages.


At TRUETAPE® we help you to help yourself!

With our products you get a perfect complement to your training or everyday life. We want to help you take your training to the next level, improve your recovery and give you support after an injury.

Our mission: Kinesiotaping for everyone.

Tape yourself and prepare perfectly for your next sports session or strenuous everyday tasks. Benefit from TRUETAPE®'s high elasticity, long durability and simple application videos for almost any body region.

Let's keep it rolling!

Release tension, improve your mobility and optimise recovery after exercise with our 100% cork Trueballs and Truerolls.

What the hack is that?

Are you looking for special patches to apply to trigger points and pain points? Then discover our crosstapes now and learn how you can easily apply them yourself at home.

Always the right instructions for you. Do it yourself!

Step-by-step video and photo instructions - developed by doctors and physiotherapists.

Your most frequently asked questions

More Questions?
* PLEASE NOTE: The examples of application and explanations on the effect of the tape are not based on medical studies. The effect of the tape is not considered proven. The statements and articles are based on many years of subjective experience and application reports from customers, patients and trained therapists. The information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for visiting a doctor, physiotherapist or other expert.