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You regularly wear a CGM sensor and have an active lifestyle? Whether you're exercising, swimming or just in your everyday life, with our patches, your sensor will never detach from your skin too early again.




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Perfectly protected, in any situation.

Feel confident with your sensor, no matter what you're up to. TRUETAPE® Sensorpatches keep everything where it belongs. They are perfect for sports, on vacation, for people with an active lifestyle and especially for children who like to play at times too wildly. The patches are compatible with all common CGM measurement systems and are large enough to be attached to the skin with almost no tension.

The special advantages of our Sensorpatches

We have put a lot of thought into making sure you can live confidently with your sensor in all situations.

1. Your sensor lasts longer

Our patch extends the wearing time of your sensor and protects it, no matter what you are up to in your life. The patch lasts 7-14 days on the skin.

2. Changeable at any time

Our TRUETAPE® Sensorpatch does not stick to the sensor and can be changed easily.

3. Comfortable to wear

Extremely elastic and the thin cotton material fits like a second skin over your sensor.

Out of sight, almost out of mind

At TRUETAPE, we develop products so that YOU can pursue your hobbies without compromise. Unfortunately, you still have to keep an eye on your blood sugar yourself, but we will take care of your sensor!

TRUETAPE Sensorpatches black and beige

Available in 2 colors

Casual or sporty and elegant? Depending on your preference, you can choose between colors black and beige.

CGM Sensors FreeStyle Libre and Dexcom G6

Compatible with many sensors

Suitable for: Freestyle Libre 1 + 2, Dexcom G4 / G5 / G6, Medtronic Guardian / Enlite, Medtrum Touch Care and similar sized sensors.

TRUETAPE Sensorpatch black

Waterproof and breathable

You can easily shower and bath with the patch. In addition, it is very breathable due to the woven cotton material.

TRUETAPE Sensorpatch leaflet

Safe and easy application

Due to the divided backing paper and the step-by-step instructions, the wrinkle-free application is feasible in 2-3 minutes.

Product details

What you get

  • 15 Sensorpatches - 9,5cm x 8cm
  • 15 Tapechips (inner patch)
  • Leaflet and short instructions
  • Free video tutorial


  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Skin friendly
  • Does not stick to the sensor, therefore it's easily exchanged


  • 97% cotton
  • 3% elastane
  • Hypoallergenic, medical acrylic adhesive

Frequently Asked Questions



TRUETAPE Sensorpatch black
TRUETAPE Sensorpatch black
* PLEASE NOTE: The examples of application and explanations on the effect of the tape are not based on medical studies. The effect of the tape is not considered proven. The statements and articles are based on many years of subjective experience and application reports from customers, patients and trained therapists. The information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for visiting a doctor, physiotherapist or other expert.