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About Us

How it all began, what came next
and where we still want to go.

How we want to help you live life to the fullest.

Our goal with TRUETAPE is to help people experience their hobbies and everyday life without physical discomfort and with the greatest possible satisfaction.

Sports injuries or congenital physical weaknesses affect almost all of us. In everything we do, we aim to have a direct, positive impact on our customers' lives. Be it through the high-quality products, the perfect instructions, the best application tips or the most personal service we can offer. This aspiration drives us every day anew :)

How it all began

The idea for TRUETAPE arose out of their own need. Fabian, the younger of the two founding brothers, tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee during a skiing vacation at the beginning of 2015. During the rehabilitation phase after the operation, he noticed how good kinesiotape was for him. However, most tapes were simply too poor in quality and there was hardly any reliable way for laymen to apply the tapes themselves at home for a specific problem.

His brother Dominik, a doctor, and Fabian then set about developing a kinesiotape that could shine in the toughest conditions in elite sports. They also found a way to simplify taping with the help of pre-cuts and video tutorials so that anyone can do it.

TRUETAPE has since become synonymous with the joy of movement, at work, in sports, in nature or with friends. We do our best so that you can experience the beautiful things in life without physical limitations.

What came next

What started with a few rolls of tape and some instruction tutorials has become so much more. Different tape editions, more than 50 step-by-step instructions, many new products, the cooperation with well-known professional athletes like Felix Neureuther and renowned sports associations (Swiss Ski). As the newest additions we may welcome the TRUETOOLS to our product family. The sustainable fascia balls and fascia rollers are made of 100% cork and are already causing great enthusiasm among our customers. Like all our products, the TRUETOOLS come from our own development in cooperation with doctors and physiotherapists.

Where we still want to go

We don't want to doubt the importance of treatment by doctors or physiotherapists, but we want to give you the opportunity to benefit from the therapy methods of professional athletes and their therapists at home. We achieve this with unique, high quality products in combination with professionally excellent content that is understandable for everyone. So the revolution of kinesiotaping is just the beginning.

Our values

As a young company that is fortunately still very close to its customers, we want to distinguish ourselves through some clearly formulated values.


You can always contact us directly with questions about taping, the TRUETOOLS, sports injuries or recovery. Usually we answer you during the week within 24h!

Satisfaction guarantee:

If you are not satisfied with the quality of a TRUETAPE product, it's no problem! Just contact our customer service and we will take care of your concern.


We have nothing to hide. We openly communicate where our products are made, who is part of our medical team, and what materials our products are made of.


We know the limitations of our products and will tell you honestly if we personally would prefer a better alternative for your problem.

Become part of the vision

Are you interested in topics such as health, sports or recovery? Are you familiar with online content creation, product distribution via pharmacies, sports retailers or drugstores, or social media marketing/online marketing? Or would you simply like to do an internship in a young, sporty and dynamic startup in the heart of Munich while you study?      

Then feel free to apply with your CV and a short cover letter at jobs@truetape.de. We are looking forward to your mail!

* PLEASE NOTE: The examples of application and explanations on the effect of the tape are not based on medical studies. The effect of the tape is not considered proven. The statements and articles are based on many years of subjective experience and application reports from customers, patients and trained therapists. The information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for visiting a doctor, physiotherapist or other expert.