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TRUETAPE is an elastic sports tape, also called kinesiology tape. It can be used for support during sports as well as in the treatment of sports injuries and symptoms of overuse.

* TRUETAPE is available in pre-cut strips (precuts). You can start taping up straight away.

How does it work?

You can conveniently use TRUETAPE at home:

1. Choose your TRUETAPE: Each roll of TRUETAPE has 20 pre-cut, tear-off strips.

2. Taping with a tutorial: At our Tutorial section, you will find over 40 video and photo tutorials on how to tape yourself up. We will show you exactly how you can tape up correctly to treat your problem yourself.

3. Stays attached for up to 7 days: TRUETAPE can be worn directly on the skin for many days. You don’t need to worry about sweating or taking a shower or even a bath.


TRUETAPE can be used for ailments of the musculoskeletal system. There are many different areas of application for kinesiology tapes, ranging from typical sports injuries such as muscle injuries and irritations, tendon insertions as well as muscular tensions, sore muscles, bruises, swelling, and much more. In our Tutorials section, we have over 40 different taping instructions to treat problems from head to toe.*

Do the different tape colors mean anything?

To be short, sweet and to the point, no. The colors do not influence the elastic properties or adhesive qualities of our tapes. You can simply choose the tape color that you like best.

Can I use TRUETAPE myself, even if I have no experience?

Yes, you can! In fact, we’ve developed TRUETAPE with exactly this in mind. With our pre-cut tape strips and over 40 step-by-step video and photo tutorials on how to tape yourself up, you can’t go wrong. All tutorials were developed and tested by doctors and physiotherapists.

How long can I use TRUETAPE?

We recommend not wearing TRUETAPE for longer than 7 days on end, to prevent the skin from drying out excessively. Each strip of tape is intended for single use only. After removing the tape from skin, or after the tape has become unstuck, you should not apply it again straight away.

Can I injure myself when using the tape incorrectly?

No! The only way to harm yourself is by grossly violating our instructions of use. If you follow our instructions when using TRUETAPE, nothing can go wrong. However, if you have an allergic reaction to acrylic adhesives (bandage allergy), you should carefully test tolerance beforehand.

What are the three most important taping tips?

  1. Ensure your skin is clean and dry before taping. Carefully remove grease, creams, and lotions using soap.
  2. Always make sure the ends of the tape are not under tension/stretch when they are being stuck down. This significantly improves durability.
  3. Apply the TRUETAPE at least 1 hour, but optimally 2 hours before an activity or taking a shower.

Can I shower/bathe with TRUETAPE?

Of course! However, please wait for at least 2 hours after applying the TRUETAPE. This allows enough time for the adhesive to bond well to the skin.

What should I always avoid before and after taping?

You should always ensure that the skin is clean, dry, and free of creams and lotions. Excessive body hair should be removed with a trimmer before application, to improve tape durability. After taping, you should only make sure that you don’t expose the taped area to direct heat, such as a hot-water bottle or heating pad. Heating increases the adhesive effect, which might make it more difficult to remove the tape.

Can I also use TRUETAPE during pregnancy?

Yes, you can. However, to make sure that there aren’t any personal contraindications (reasons to avoid taping), you should always ask your doctor or therapist for approval beforehand.

Wer steht hinter TRUETAPE?

Wir von TRUETAPE sind ein junges Startup aus München und haben unsere Hintergründe in der Medizin, im Sport, im Management und im Marketing eines großen Energydrinkherstellers) Wir arbeiten jeden Tag hart daran, euch die besten Produkte und die hilfreichsten Anleitungen anzubieten. Unsere Mission ist es euch dabei zu helfen, das Leben in vollen Zügen genießen zu können.

Was ist euer Ansatz bezüglich Selbstdiagnose und Selbstbehandlung?

Wir wissen um die Wichtigkeit einer verlässlichen Diagnose eines Fachmanns. So solltest du bei neu aufgetretenen Schmerzen oder Unwohlsein immer einen Arzt aufsuchen, um die Ursache für deine Beschwerden herauszufinden. Die Selbstanwendung von Tape sehen wir unproblematisch, da man mit den richtigen Anleitungen und einigen Tipps kaum etwas falsch machen kann. Sollte sich ein Tape einmal nicht gut auf der Haut anfühlen, kannst du es entfernen und noch einmal mit weniger Zug anbringen.

Wieso der Name TRUETAPE?

TRUETAPE steht für die wahre Leidenschaft im Leben. Diese Leidenschaft verspürt jeder bei unterschiedlichen Dingen. Bei uns allen fühlt sie sich aber gleich an und beschreibt das Gefühl von purer Vorfreude und echten Erinnerungen. Wir wollen dir mit TRUETAPE helfen deiner Leidenschaft immer mit vollem Einsatz nachgehen zu können, sei das im Sport oder bei etwas ganz anderem.

Wo wird TRUETAPE hergestellt?

Wir produzieren alle unsere Tapes in Südkorea unter höchsten Qualitätsstandards und mit großer Sorgfalt. Unsere Produkte sind alle CE-zertifiziert und unterliegen strengen Medizinprodukterichtlinien.

Where can I buy TRUETAPE?

You can buy TRUETAPE on the Amazon platform of your choice –,,,, – or directly here on the TRUETAPE Online Shop.

Is TRUETAPE available for delivery to my country?

TRUETAPE can be purchased in, and delivered to, the following countries via Amazon…..

*PLEASE NOTE: The assumption of efficacy is based on putative trends in clinical studies, many individual case reports, and the experiences of doctors and therapists. The effect of the tape is not considered scientifically proven. Its mechanism of action still remains hypothetical to date.


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