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Felix Neureuther mit einem Truetape auf seinem rechten Knie

TRUETAPE Applications

In our tutorial section you’ll learn how to apply our Precut tapes to yourself or your friends easily in just a few minutes.*

Patella tendon teaser image

Patella tendon

This application was developed to tackle pain around the knee and patella area, typically seen amongst running and “jumping” activities.

Knee ligaments teaser image

Knee Collateral Ligaments

This application provides stabilization and supports the collateral ligaments of the knee to provide from strain and bending over.

Application osgood schlatter - Teaser

Osgood Schlatter

Especially young male adults often experience pain at the frontside of the lower leg. Next to icing, rest and physiotherapy, taping can be a treatment too.

Outer knee - Teaser

Outer knee

This application was developed specifically for running and ball sport athletes, experiencing increasing pain around the outer knee due to high stress. Give it a go!

Application back of knee - Teaser

Back of knee

Pain around the back of the knee can be very complex. It can originate from muscle strain, tendon irritation and meniscus injuries.

Application inner knee - Teaser

Inner knee

At the inside of your knee you will find the medial meniscus, medial ligament and the tendon insert of parts of your hamstrings. Find our application here.

Application full knee - Teaser

Full knee

This application is very versatile for problems around the knee area. The tape does not restrict your natural movement and still provides a supportive feeling.

* PLEASE NOTE: The examples of application and explanations on the effect of the tape are not based on medical studies. The effect of the tape is not considered proven. The statements and articles are based on many years of subjective experience and application reports from customers, patients and trained therapists. The information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for visiting a doctor, physiotherapist or other expert.