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TRUETAPE Sensorpatch beige on the upper arm

Secure support
for your sensor

Always feel perfectly prepared, even if you like to be active or do sports.

What is the TRUETAPE® Sensorpatch?

Our patch is designed for all diabetics who live an active lifestyle and regularly wear a CGM sensor. It can be applied all over the body and helps you to extend the wearing time of your sensor. No more worrying about a sensor coming off, no matter how much you sweat during exercise, how wildly your kids play, or if you get stuck on the door frame.

Extremely elastic and durable.
Changeable at any time.

The TRUETAPE® Sensor Patch is designed so you never have to worry about the safety of your CGM sensor again. Whether it's sports, vacation, swimming or tight clothing, your sensor stays where it belongs, we promise.


How does it work?

  • The patch is applied directly over your sensor and can be worn for up to 14 days.
  • The woven cotton material allows full data reception and is breathable.
  • The part over your sensor does not stick, so it will not be affected when you change the patch (if necessary).

Compatibility and further information

  • The TRUETAPE® sensor patch is perfectly suited for: Abbott Libre 1 + 2, Dexcom G4/G5/G6, Medtronic Guardian/ Enlite, Medtrum Touch Care and similar sized sensors.
  • Dimensions patch: 9.5cm x 8cm,
  • Dimensions non-adhesive inner part: 4.5cm x 3.7cm

The special advantages of our Sensorpatches

We have put a lot of thought into making sure you can live confidently with your sensor in all situations.

1. Your sensor lasts longer

Our patch extends the wearing time of your sensor and protects it, no matter what you are up to in your life. The patch lasts 7-14 days on the skin.

Your application guide

For optimal durability and comfort, it is best to apply your patch according to our recommendations. The application takes only about 3 minutes if you follow these steps:

Apply the patch at least 1-2 hours before starting an activity or water contact.

Thoroughly remove dirt, moisture, oils or lotions from the skin before taping.

In areas that are particularly hairy, trim the hair to ensure the tape sticks better.

When applying the patch, do not touch the adhesive surface if possible, as it will affect the adhesion.

If any part of the patch comes off the skin, it can be carefully removed with scissors.

Do not apply the patch to injured or irritated skin and do not tear it off the skin jerkily.

Step-by-step guide

1.Application Sensorpatch - Step 1

Press the oval part of the backing paper slightly upwards so that it detaches from the patch.

2.Application Sensorpatch - Step 2

Now grab the paper and pull it completely off the patch. Put the patch down briefly.

3.Application Sensorpatch - Step 3

Take one of the tape chips and pull it apart a bit so you can grab the paper.

4.Application Sensorpatch - Step 4

Peel off one half of the paper. The patch has an oval area where the chip can be placed.

5.Application Sensorpatch - Step 5

Now apply the first half of the tape chip, glue on glue, to the space provided.

6.Application Sensorpatch - Step 6

Pull the paper off the chip. Carefully attach the rest of the paper without wrinkles. Press it firmly.

7.Application Sensorpatch - Step 7

The center is now no longer sticky! Pull off one of the four remaining outer pieces of paper.

8.Application Sensorpatch - Step 8

Place the patch centrally over your sensor and press it gently into place.

9.Application Sensorpatch - Step 9

Attach the patch to the skin. For this, apply it from the inside to the outside of the skin. 1/4 is now stuck!

10.Application Sensorpatch - Step 10

Carefully peel off the paper of the opposite patch quarter.

11.Application Sensorpatch - Step 11

Again, apply the patch from the inside out and tape the next quarter of the patch to the skin.

12.Application Sensorpatch - Step 12

Repeat this step 2 more times and you are done. Rub the patch all over again.

Removing/ changing your patch

Gently peel the patch from the skin at one point. Then pull off the patch slowly, at a flat angle and in the direction of hair growth (usually away from the center of the body). Please never tear it off jerkily to protect the skin.

TRUETAPE Sensorpatch beige on the belly

The TRUETAPE® Sensorpatch

Our Diabetes Support. A patch to protect your CGM sensor, no matter what you're up to.

15 pieces only 15,95€

* PLEASE NOTE: The examples of application and explanations on the effect of the tape are not based on medical studies. The effect of the tape is not considered proven. The statements and articles are based on many years of subjective experience and application reports from customers, patients and trained therapists. The information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for visiting a doctor, physiotherapist or other expert.