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The TRUETAPE Athlete Edition is the perfect tape for every athlete:
20 pre-cut strips, even greater elasticity, optimal wearing comfort, and extended durability. Each Athlete Edition also comes in a handy storage box.

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TRUETAPE is a kinesiology tape for self-application. Using the pre-cut strips and over 40 free taping tutorials, you can apply the tape yourself to treat numerous sports injuries and musculoskeletal problems.* All tutorials were developed by doctors and physiotherapists for safe use at home in just a few minutes..

Your TRUETAPE benefits

We want to be your completely reliable partner with equally reliable products. That’s why we developed our range for easy use, extended durability, and pleasant wearing comfort on the skin. Your benefits at a glance:

Läufer im Matsch, Wadentape

Greater durability and elasticity

Also resists extreme conditions. Even greater freedom of movement with up to 200% elasticity.

Schwimmer mit Schulter Tape

Fast drying

The thin rayon material dries much faster than regular cotton tape.

TRUETAPE Aufbewahrungsbox

Securely store your TRUETAPE

To make sure your TRUETAPE stays well protected at all times, we include a sturdy storage box with your order.

TRUETAPE Video- und Fotoanleitungen

Safe and easy to use

The free video and photo tutorials help make sure you always use your TRUETAPE correctly.

Product details

What you get

    • 20 pre-cut strips, 25 cm x 5 cm
    • Storage box
    • Leaflet and short instructions
    • Over 40 free video and photo tutorials


    • pre-cut and with rounded corners
    • breathable and latex-free
    • gentle on the skin
    • exceptional elasticity (180–200%)
    • very thin layer and quick-drying


    • 96% rayon, 4% elastane
    • medicinal, hypo-allergenic acrylic adhesive

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use TRUETAPE myself, even if I have no experience?

Yes, you can! In fact, we’ve developed TRUETAPE with exactly this in mind. With our pre-cut tape strips and over 40 step-by-step video and photo tutorials on how to tape yourself up, you can’t go wrong. All tutorials were developed and tested by doctors and physiotherapists.


TRUETAPE can be used for ailments of the musculoskeletal system. There are many different areas of application for kinesiology tapes, ranging from typical sports injuries such as muscle injuries and irritations, tendon insertions as well as muscular tensions, sore muscles, bruises, swelling, and much more. In our Tutorials section, we have over 40 different taping instructions to treat problems from head to toe.*

Do the different tape colors mean anything?

To be short, sweet and to the point, no. The colors do not influence the elastic properties or adhesive qualities of our tapes. You can simply choose the tape color that you like best.

Can I shower/bathe with TRUETAPE?

Of course! However, please wait for at least 2 hours after applying the TRUETAPE. This allows enough time for the adhesive to bond well to the skin.

TRUETAPE in professional sports

We want to inspire you, our customer, with the highest product quality and best service. We want to become Europe’s number 1 taping brand, working together with athletes, medical consultants, and strong partners in professional sports. Become part of a small revolution!

TRUETAPE Partner Tobias Strobl

Tobias Strobl

Borussia Mönchengladbach

TRUETAPE Partner Franz Löschke

Franz Löschke

German Triathlon Champion 2018

TRUETAPE Partner Lutz Graumann

Dr. Lutz Graumann

Sports physician and author of Blackroll books

TRUETAPE Partner Profisport

Our partners

We are the official tape provider of the entire Swiss Ski Federation and the German Ice Hockey Federation.

Impressions of TRUETAPE

* BITTE BEACHTEN SIE: Den Anwendungsbeispielen und Erklärungen zur Wirkung des Tapes liegen keine medizinischen Studien zugrunde. Die Wirkung gilt nicht als bewiesen. Den Aussagen und Artikeln liegen subjektive langjährige Erfahrungen und Anwendungsberichte von Kunden, Patienten und geschulten Therapeuten zugrunde. Die Informationen auf dieser Seite sind nicht als Ersatz für den Besuch eines Arztes, Physiotherapeuten oder eines anderen Experten geeignet.


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